AWARD WINNING Marmalades Trio

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Blake Hill's Marmalade Gift Box was designed as the ultimate gift for any occasion! Why try to decide when you can have all three?

Our quintessential marmalades are incredibly bright, with a vibrant taste and flavorful hand cut rinds. Using the finest citrus, our award-winning marmalades embody both sweet and bitter notes of fresh citrus, providing a more sophisticated flavor for the connoisseur.

Included in this gift...

Meyer Lemon


Special edition marmalade made from the finest fresh Meyer lemons. Renowned for their delicate rinds and exquisite floral aroma, this is a stunning marmalade and is packed with hand-cut, melt-in-your-mouth rinds! Perfectly pairs with fresh triple crème cheese, delicious when glazed over baked white fish, and adds a unique twist when swirled into lemon gelato or raspberry sorbet. 

Classic Orange 

This classic marmalade features the freshest sweet oranges with a traditional fine cut rind.  With a wonderful juicy tang, this marmalade is perfect paired with classic cheddar cheese or Parmigiano-Reggiano, makes a delicious salad dressing when whisked into vinaigrette, and a perfect addition swirled into a fudgy brownie.

Orange Lime and Ginger

We combine fresh sweet oranges and vibrant tart Persian limes with slices of organic crystallized ginger for a bold, zesty marmalade that is our first Gold Medal Winner at The World Marmalade Awards. Perfect paired with aged cheddar, this special marmalade also creates a delicious citrus glaze for baked fish, roast chicken and vegetables. Also creates a delicious citrusy and moist sponge cake when stirred into your cake's batter. 

Our gift collections are packed in boxes ready for gifting with a foil seal. PLUS our team is happy to include a handwritten personalized note on a jam-inspired postcard, simply indicate this in the ‘notes’ section when viewing your open cart.


Meyer Lemon (Fresh Meyer lemons (lemons, water to blanche lemons), cane sugar) (10oz)

Seville Orange (Fresh Seville oranges, cane sugar) (10oz)

Classic Orange infused with Bourbon Whiskey (Oranges, cane sugar, lemon juice, bourbon whiskey from SILO distillery) (10oz)