Agnolotti Pasta with Oma & Apricot, Orange & Honey

Agnolotti Pasta with Oma & Apricot, Orange & Honey

Enjoy pairing your favorite cheese with jam?  Why not wrap them together in a perfect little pouch of handmade fresh pasta and serve with a complimentary white wine and fruity jam sauce - for both the cheese and pasta connoisseurs!

Serving Size: Serves 3-4


1 cup all-purpose flour

5 egg yolks

2 large eggs


1 cup Oma cheese by Jasper Hill

½ cup Mascarpone cheese (we used Vermont Creamery)

2 Tbsp Arrowroot powder

Blake Hill’s Apricot with Orange & Honey Jam


1 cup white wine

7 Tbsp butter

2 Tbsp all-purpose flour

Blake Hill’s Apricot with Orange & Honey Jam



FOR PASTA DOUGH: Create flour mound, place eggs & yolks into a center cavity, whisk while incorporating flour, then knead until smooth. Shape dough into a ball and rest in cloth-covered bowl at room temperature for 1 hour


FOR JAM FILLING: Mix 3/4 jar Blake Hill's Apricot, Orange & Honey Jam with Mascarpone and arrowroot powder, then place jam mixture in pastry bag


FOR PASTA SHEETS: divide dough into 6 equal pieces & shape into rectangles. At largest width setting of pasta machine, feed a rectangle through, then fold rectangle's long sides into its center, feed through machine again, and repeat 5 times until pasta is smooth. Then reduce width of pasta sheet by feeding into incrementally smaller width adjustments until reach option number 4- 5


FOR PASTA POUCHES: Trim pasta sheets to 24" long. Pipe a line of jam filling down middle of each sheet then add pieces of Oma cheese on top. Dampen pasta edges with water then fold over filling and gently press pasta to seal. Using index finger and thumb of both hands, gently pinch filled pasta rectangle into 1 inch pouches, creating firm seal. Using fluted pastry wheel cutter, trim long pasta edge of rectangle, then cut between each pouch, place on parchment paper lined tray, and dry 15 minutes


FOR APRICOT SAUCE: Reduce wine in pan on low heat for 15 minutes. Whisking until smooth, gradually add butter, then flour, remaining Apricot, Orange & Honey Jam, and season with salt and pepper


TO FINISH: Boil pasta pouches for 3 minutes, drain well, plate, dress with a little sauce, and top with a slice of Oma Cheese ~ and Enjoy!

Agnolotti Pasta with Oma & Apricot, Orange & Honey

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