"Ginger & Turmeric Creamsicle" Shrub Mocktail

"Ginger & Turmeric Creamsicle" Shrub Mocktail

This dreamy, creamy beverage is the perfect way to start  or finish the day. Ginger and Turmeric are suggested to decrease inflammation, relieve chronic pain and increase immune efficiencies, we are not doctors but we feel better already!

Serving Size: Makes 1

1 ½ oz Ginger & Turmeric Botanical Shrub

8 oz Whole Milk or Almond Milk - we use Nutty Life, Made in VT always!

6 oz Pear Juice



Fill Shaker with Ice to cool it down


Remove ice before adding ingredients.


Pour all ingredients into shaker and give it a shake to mix and great some foamy goodness


Pour in pint glass or mason jar and take it to-go!


Sprinkle Turmeric for a fancy look and garnish with your favorite paper or metal straw!

"Ginger & Turmeric Creamsicle" Shrub Mocktail

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