Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Naturally sweet, fruity, smoothie bowl with no added sugar and dairy free for a deliciously healthy start to the day!

Serving Size: Serves 2

12 ounces dairy-free milk

Granola, sugar-free

3 frozen bananas

Coconut flakes

4 ice cubes, crushed into smaller pieces

Blake Hill’s Naked Raspberry Jam (no-added-sugar)



Add 3 Tbsp Blake Hill’s Naked Raspberry Jam, dairy-free milk, bananas and crushed ice cubes to the blender.


Blend until smooth, starting on low speed and gradually turning to high


Transfer mixture into bowls or tall glasses, and top with your favorite granola and coconut flakes ~ Enjoy!


For a super Antioxidant Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Milk Shake, blend our Naked Raspberry Jam with almond milk, ripe mangos and a dash of vanilla essence ~ So good!

Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Suggested Jams