Jam Pantry Gift Box

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Stock your pantry with a must-have line-up of Blake Hill Preserves stretching across our sweet, savory and spicy collections. Use these 7 hand picked varieties to bring bold variety to every meal of the day! Comes packaged ready for gifting!

Warning: Fun to ensue! Jam puns may occur while cooking.


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Lisbon Lemon with Champagne

Reminiscent of lemon butter or a vegan lemon curd, this lemon jam is uniquely elegant and zesty. Whole fresh, tart lemons are gently softened with a slow simmer and then whipped with champagne until deliciously smooth and creamy.

Perfect on hot focaccia or as a glaze for roast chicken or fish!

Black Currant with Wild Mint 

Black currants and their intricate blend of tart, sweet and extremely fruity flavors are perfectly paired with the cooling taste of fresh, wild mint growing in the meadows around Blake Hill Farm.

This jam is a versatile gem, elevating many desserts with its incredibly fruity taste and luscious texture, as well as a super fruity accompaniment for venison and duck.

Naked Blueberry No Sugar Added Jam 

As deliciously jammy as our Classic Wild Blueberry Preserve but without the added sugar, this all-natural fruit jam is brimming with luscious fruits to showcase the quintessential fresh, fruity, tart taste of wild blueberries.

Makes delicious French galettes or fruit tarts. Spread over thin crepes. Glaze barbecued top sirloin, chicken or turkey.

French Onion with Rosemary

A Wonderful and savory onion jam. Onions cooked with brown sugar, port, olive oil, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, sea salt and black pepper. Excellent pairing for Alpine style cheeses.

Excellent pairing for Alpine style cheese varieties, and stir into a Macaroni and Gruyere Cheese dish for big flavor.

Roasted Garlic Savory Jam 

Garlic is slowly caramelized to create a deliciously creamy and rich jam and then cooked with balsamic vinegar, rosemary, cracked black pepper and sea salt and an exuberant umami flavor. If you visit our Preserves Shop on a Roasted Garlic jam making day, you can smell this unique heady aroma even from our parking lot and cannot help but come in!

Toss roasted potatoes with this savory delight, or spread over a burger for extra flavor.

Jalapeno and Lime Spicy Chili Jam 

Featuring locally grown organic chilis from Honey Field Farm, we cook jalapenos with fresh limes, cucumbers and apple cider vinegar, then add just a little pure cane sugar for a touch of sweetness, to create a rich, refreshing and deliciously vibrant medium heat chili jam.

This stunning combination makes for great glaze for swordfish, steaks or salmon; a delicious crema when mixed with sour cream; and a great addition to cornbread.

Fresno and Thai Spicy Chili Jam

Featuring fresh locally grown organic Fresno chili peppers from Honey Field Farm and a hint of Thai chili peppers for extra heat, we cook these specialty peppers with apple cider vinegar, a little pure cane sugar for just a touch of sweetness, and ginger for additional fresh spice, to create a deliciously full flavored and hot chili jam.

Mix with Tamari for a delicious teriyaki sauce for chicken, or stir in your favorite mac & cheese recipe for a spicy twist.

All the above comes packaged ready for gifting! 


(7-10oz jars)