Orange & Bourbon Marmalade

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Fresh oranges and bourbon whiskey are a match made in marmalade heaven. These fresh, bright oranges transform into a complex, rich marmalade when simmered in the award-winning bourbon crafted by our neighbors, SILO distillery. Perfect for the whiskey enthusiast!

We love this marmalade paired with an artisan blue cheese or as a glaze for roasted duck. Check our Cooking with Jam recipe series for "Grilled Shrimp with Orange Bourbon Glaze" and "Orange Bourbon Waffles with Bourbon Syrup" to see how you can make a simple dish special with a jar of our marmalade! 

One of our Fine Marmalades

Our quintessential marmalades are incredibly bright, with a vibrant taste and flavorful hand cut rinds. Using the finest citrus, our award-winning marmalades embody both sweet and bitter notes of fresh citrus, providing a more sophisticated flavor for the connoisseur.


Oranges, cane sugar, lemon juice, bourbon whiskey from SILO distillery (10oz)