Basil Blueberry Shrub

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Our Botanical Shrub Collection takes the freshest of ingredients, creating bold, refreshing, unique infusions perfect for craft cocktails and mocktails, dressings, glazes, desserts and baking.

Featuring fresh organic basil from Honey Field Farm, we perform a hot, and then a long cold, infusion with apple cider vinegar to capture the delicious heady herbal essence of this special botanical.  Finishing with a dash of blueberry, a wonderful Shrub that preserves the essence of our local basil for you to enjoy year round. 

Check our Cooking with Jam recipe series for our "Moonlight in Vermont" Basil Blueberry Mocktail recipe and other delicious ideas!

Part of our Private Kitchen Batch Series

A collection of uniquely crafted small batches, taking the bounty that is the Vermont growing season, or unique ingredients responsibly sourced to create incredible flavor experiences. Spanning our sweet, savory and spicy mantra there is always a new creation to be found. These small batches have led to the creation of many of the Blake Hill varieties you love today.