Black Currant with Wild Mint Jam

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Black currants and their intricate blend of tart, sweet and extremely fruity flavors are perfectly paired with the cooling taste of fresh, wild mint growing in the meadows around Blake Hill Farm. 

This jam is a versatile gem, elevating many desserts with its incredibly fruity taste and luscious texture, as well as a super fruity accompaniment for venison and duck.  Check our "Cooking with Jam" recipe series for more delicious ideas such as our "Black currant with Wild Mint Cheesecake".

One of our Artisan Preserves

Combining quintessential jam fruits and our award-winning preserve making skills, these jams may well come close to being as good as you remember your grandmother’s being, although we do not expect anyone to admit it:)


Black currants, wild mint tea (water, wild mint), cane sugar, pure apple pectin