Wild Blueberry Preserve

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Featuring wild blueberries from a small family farm in Maine, this jam captures the renowned bold and tart taste of blueberries. A delicious classic preserve made with more fruit and less sugar.

Delicious with mascarpone cheese in a Tiramisu, served with fresh baked scones, or atop your favorite vanilla cheesecake. Check our Cooking with Jam series for "Wild Blueberry Fruit Crumble" and over 100 other recipes showcasing how to make simple dishes special with a jar of Blake Hill jam!

One of our Artisan Preserves

Combining quintessential jam fruits and our award-winning preserve making skills, these jams may well come close to being as good as you remember your grandmother’s being, although we do not expect anyone to admit it:)


Wild blueberries, pure cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin (10oz)