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Gooseberry with Elderflower

10oz-GOOSEBERRY $8.99
Wild Blueberry with Lavender

10oz-BLUE LAV $8.99
Raspberry with Wild Bergamot

10oz-BERG RASP $8.99
Black Currant with Wild Mint Jam

10oz-BLACKC MINT $8.99
Rhubarb with Dandelion & Honey

10oz-DAND RHUB $8.99
Strawberry with Wild Rose

10oz-ROSE STRAW $8.99
Naked Strawberry Spread - No Added Sugar

9.6oz-NAKED STRAW $8.99
Naked Raspberry Spread - No Added Sugar

9.6oz-NAKED RASP $8.99
Naked Blueberry Spread - No Added Sugar

9.6oz-NAKED BLUE $8.99
Naked Peach Spread - No Added Sugar

9.6oz-NAKED PEACH $8.99
Naked Chocolate Cherry Spread - No Added Sugar

Naked Chocolate Raspberry Spread - No Added Sugar

9.6oz-NAKED CHOC RASP $9.99
Caramelized Fig with Pear & Honey

10oz-FIG PEAR HON $8.99
French Onion with Rosemary

10oz-FRENCH ON $8.99
Heirloom Apple with Maple Syrup

10oz-APPLE MAPLE $8.99
Tart Cherry with Cardamom & Port

10oz-CHERRY PORT $8.99
Spiced Plum with Port

10oz-JH PLUM $8.99
Orange with 10yr Single Malt

10oz-JH ORANGE 10YR $8.99
Raspberry Mostarda

10oz-JH RASP MOST $8.99
Apricot with Orange & Honey

10oz-JH APRICOT $8.99
Savory Onion Confit

10oz-JH ONION $8.99
Meyer Lemon with Honey

10oz-MEYER HONEY $8.99
Wild Blueberry with Thyme

10oz-BLUE THYME $8.99
Maple Onion Jam for Shelburne Farms

9.6oz-SHELB ON $8.99
Jasper Hill Cheese Pairing Sampler

4J-MINI JH SET $12.99
Cheese Pairings Mini Jams (30)

30J-CHEESE $89.99
Chipotle & Maple Chili Jam

10oz-CHIP MAPLE $8.99
Jalapeno & Lime Spicy Chili Jam

10oz-JAL LIME $8.99
Fresno & Thai Spicy Chili Jam

10oz-FRESNO $8.99
Caramelized Onion Savory Jam

10oz-CARM ONION $8.99
Roasted Garlic Savory Jam

10oz-ROAST GARLIC $8.99
Garden Pickles

16oz-PICKLES $12.99
The Shrubs: Rhubarb & Honey - 16oz

16oz-RHUB HON $16.99
The Shrubs: Ginger & Turmeric - 16oz

16oz-GINGER $16.99
The Shrubs: Wild Mint - 16oz

16oz-MINT $16.99
The Shrubs: Basil Blueberry - 16oz

16oz-BASIL BLUE $16.99
Mince Pie Filling

16OZ-MINCE PIE $12.99
Montmorency Cherry Pie Filling

30oz-PIE CHERRY $16.99
Wild Blueberry Pie Filling

30oz-PIE BLUE $16.99
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling

30oz-PIE STRAW $16.99
Eat.Love.Jam Mini Sampler

Sweet, Savory, Spicy Mini Jams (30)

30J-SSS $89.99
Strawberry Rhubarb Preserve

10oz-STRAW RHUB $7.99
Wild Blueberry Preserve

10oz-WILD BLUE $7.99
Lisbon Lemon and Champagne Jam

10oz-CHAMP LEMON $7.99
Raspberry Hibiscus Preserve

10oz-RASP HIB $7.99
Classic Orange Marmalade

10oz-ORANGE $7.99
Orange Lime & Ginger Marmalade

10oz-ORANGE LIME $8.99
Meyer Lemon Marmalade

10oz-MEYER LEMON $8.99
Meyer Lemon with Cardamom Marmalade

10oz-MEYER CARD $8.99
Fresh Tomato Savory Jam

10oz-TOMATO $8.99
Pumpkin Spice and Maple Butter

10.5oz-PUMPKIN $8.99
Cranberry & Orange Chutney

Date & Cumin Chutney

9.4oz-DATE CHUTNEY $8.99
Plum & Fennel Chutney

9.4oz-PLUM CHUTNEY $8.99
Apricot & Orange Chutney

9.4oz-AP CHUTNEY $8.99
Jam-Inspired Recipe Cards

The Shrubs: Basil Blueberry - 8oz

8oz-BASIL BLUE $10.99
The Shrubs: Rhubarb & Honey - 8oz

8oz-RHUB HON $10.99
The Shrubs: Wild Mint - 8oz

8oz-MINT $10.99
Naked Jam Trio

3J-NAKED $29.99
Botanical Jam Trio

Cranberry Medley and Maple Jam

10oz-CRAN MAPLE $8.99